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Stéphane Donders, CEO de Traveldoo 12/01/17

Newsletter, January 12th 2017

2016 has just ended and we are already fully focused on 2017, feeling optimistic for the new year but slightly dizzy at the accelerating speed of change we see around us. This impression is driven by World news rich in significant events (Terrorism, Brexit, American election, global warming...) mixed with geopolitical instability (Migrants crisis, war in Syria, fight against ISIS, East-West diplomatic tensions...) all of which have impacted the business travel industry in some way.

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Stéphane Donders, CEO de Traveldoo 08/12/16

Newsletter, December 8th 2016

2016 is coming to an end, but it's definitely not time to take stock just yet, as there's still some good news to come. On November 24, we hosted a dinner for more than 70 guests, including 50 of our customers, in the prestigious setting of the Rue de Presbourg apartment. The evening was an opportunity for us to understand more about our customers' and partners' views on the business, our values and the Traveldoo ethos.

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Stéphane Donders, CEO de Traveldoo 10/11/16

Newsletter, November 10th 2016

The end of the year is approaching fast. On 24 November, we will have the pleasure of hosting our clients and partners for a convivial gathering at a unique venue. At the event, we will provide insights into Traveldoo's strategy, look at our plans for future innovation and product development, and discuss feedback from clients on their experiences.

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Stéphane Donders, CEO de Traveldoo 06/10/16

Newsletter, October 6th 2016

Since its launch in 2000, Traveldoo has experienced a continued growth in business. 2016 will mark a major turning point in the acceleration of its development. This is due to the recent sales success with key accounts (CAC 40 members) and also to new trade agreements with the major chains of TMCs in France and the United Kingdom. The company now generates half of its business working with re-seller partners.

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Stéphane Donders, CEO de Traveldoo 05/09/16

Newsletter, September 5th 2016

Traveldoo occupies a prominent place within the business Travel & Expense market. In recent years, the "T" has become inseparable from the "E", with solutions serving businesses and travellers alike. Traveldoo is at the heart of an ecosystem that involves a wide variety of suppliers and service providers. Our T & E solutions are aimed at helping all companies whose employees are busy crisscrossing the world or their region

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URSSAF inspection and professional expenses

Dear readers, in our previous correspondence, we touched on a range of ways to make savings on professional expenses. It continues to remain an area where companies can make substantial savings, in compliance with the fiscal regulations of the country.


5 Things your company must start doing to save money!

Business Travel burns cash, yet it's essential to growth. Learn how to control travel related costs while keeping travelers satisfy. Growing your business involves meeting clients, demonstrating your products and coming back to.

Thierry Prunier 10/11/16

Is there room for innovation in VAT recovery?

In our previous newsletters, we have explored the potential for companies to recover air miles as a new source of savings. Today we will be covering more familiar territory, but an area that is still under-exploited by companies: recovering VAT on work expenses.

Daniel Fitzgerald 06/10/16

Hipmunk is an SAP company

Hipmunk, who were only formed in 2010, started making a name for themselves by winning at the Phocuswright travel innovation summit in 2011. It really shook the industry into realising how complacent it had become about the travel search user experience. Hipmunk decided to look at things differently and came up with a completely unique (at least at the time) user interface, based on graphical timelines, and a default sort order called “ Agony ” to manage the famously difficult problem of shopping for flights.

Thierry Prunier 05/09/16

Can we still make savings on the T&E?

Nowadays all businesses are aware of the potential cost savings from adopting an "end-to-end" solution dedicated to travel and expense, to help streamline their processes and manage travel related purchases


Business Travel Show Event

Traveldoo will be attending the Business travel Show on February 22-23th in London. Come and meet us!

Time for Quiz

Innovation & Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Cryptographic Currency... Dive into the heart of innovation to start 2017 and imagine the world of tomorrow!

Business Travel & Environment

Understanding the differing cultural etiquettes is crucial in the Global business environment. Test your knowledge and ensure you make the best impression when dealing with people from all over the world.

Business Travel & Expense

The world's longest non-stop commercial flight? Electric prices for one night panoramic view? Each month, our offbeat Quiz!

Business Travel & Expense

Is there a pilot in the plane? Astronomical expense reports for an aerospace trip? Each month, our offbeat Quiz!


Daniel Fitzgerald 12/01/17

Traveldoo ♥ TMCs

TMCs relationship with technology and technology vendors has not been the easiest in the last years. In a marketplace which is moving from Service to Software-as-a-Service staying relevant and bringing companies and travellers the kind of digital experiences they expect is tough.

Daniel Fitzgerald 12/01/17

Stamping your approval on T&E?

Traditional requirements for approval processes are one of the things that can be, let's be honest, a bit burdensome. Part of the perceived gap between the light, fresh experience of a consumer travel booking and the more dowdy, heavy business trip version.

Daniel Fitzgerald 08/12/16

The Stars are Smiling

I'm working away from home for several days each week. But that's OK, I have AirBnB and Uber on my phone and they are great at what they do. Life is just easier with them in the world. One part of their systems that really works is the way they have integrated their ratings system. They have both taken the bold decision that it's pretty much not optional to rate your previous experience in order to get your next one.

Daniel Fitzgerald 10/11/16

Policy Dynamism

Companies have created, communicated and tried to enforce travel policies for a long time. Certainly a lot longer than most of the technology we use today for business travel has been around. However, even today, many of the company policies that are implemented resemble closely the types of policy ubiquitous in the past, telling travellers, in simple terms, what is “OK”.

Daniel Fitzgerald 10/11/16


Traveldoo is part of the Expedia group and there are some really great discussions across and between the different product departments about “what works” and what the future of travel booking is. The topic of Door-to-Door bookings came up recently, an approach tried in different ways by Rome-to-Rio, KDS and Serko amongst others. Simple idea really, don't impose a shopping experience on people. Do all that leg work for them and just give them a book button.

Daniel Fitzgerald 06/10/16

The end-to-end experience

Paris-based Traveldoo manages Travel and Expenses (T&E) for more than 4.000 clients, including L'Oréal, AXA, Nissan and Renault [...] “You can take a user all the way from thinking about a business trip to payment of the expense claim,” says Traveldoo's chief product officer, Dan Fitzgerald

Daniel Fitzgerald 05/09/16

Can Trust be Expens(iv)e?

I had an interesting discussion yesterday with the Financial controller from a major multi-national, operating in over 100 countries. He had an admirable vision of expense management


Daniel Fitzgerald 05/09/16

Mobile T&E - The coming decade of « pretty awesome »

People seem fond of telling the story of the travel industry, especially those who have been around it a while. Unless you were spending a lot of money it must have sucked to travel on business in the 70s, pre-deregulation, with hardly any choice of what kind of experience you wanted

Customer Services

Antoine Le Feuvre 08/12/16

Knowledge sharing is at the centre of our customers' and partners' challenges

Like many markets, the business travel sector is being revolutionised by new technology and the advent of disruptive offerings. Businesses and partners can make the most of this transformation by having a thorough understanding of the value added by each stakeholder, and, above all, of the interactions between different stakeholders (businesses, distributors, technology platforms).

Kien Heang 06/10/16

Share the best practices...Air Travel policy

Traveldoo is continually working on a new innovative ways to help companies optimize their travel costs. One of the latest enhancements allows an advance setup of the air travel policy.

Valérie Rouaut 05/09/16

A new portal to connect with our Support Team

At Traveldoo, innovation and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our culture. For 15 years we have maintained a consistent relationship with our customers offering an efficient and specialized quality of service


Ian Allan Travel chose Traveldoo

Ian Allan Travel operates in the highly competitive TMC market place. Ian Allan Travel choose Traveldoo ensure they retain their market position in the key customer sectors they operate, it’s essential that Ian Allan Travel are able to offer the latest technological innovations to drive efficiencies and cost savings.

Ian Allan Travel has chosen Traveldoo

For the upcoming January edition of the Traveldoonews, Traveldoo interviews Pat O’Neill – Managing Director, Ian Allan Travel on the importance of selecting the right supplier, why supplier partnerships are so important and how Traveldoo’s technology solutions have helped to drive their business forward. In this edition, Traveldoo talks Ian Allan Travel.

WIPO choose Traveldoo

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) employs approximately 1,300 employees and views employee mobility as essential. In order to offer a simple and flexible online booking tool, WIPO selected Traveldoo Enterprise, enabling it to manage the flow of travellers in the organization while adhering to established travel policies.

Remy Cointreau choose Traveldoo T&E

As a worldwide group, Remy Cointreau needed a comprehensive and reliable solution to manage all its French team’s foreign travel and company expenses. The implementation of Traveldoo Enterprise™ and Traveldoo Expense™ solutions has made it possible for the group to more easily manage these transactions as it continues its international expansion


Marine Rivoire 06/10/16

TSN: own and control the way you purchase travel

The extent and nature of the network of providers available via the Traveldoo Enterprise and Portal solutions enable companies and public institutions to freely manage their business travel purchases and enjoy the best fares, including web and low-cost offers.

Lucie de Antoni, Marine Rivoire 05/09/16

For optimum management of your business travel

The current tendency is to centralise more and more. To do this, companies need more complete solutions to manage their business travel. For many, centralised payments are the cornerstone of this process and the lodged account remains at the core of this solution