A new portal to connect with our Support Team

At Traveldoo, innovation and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our culture. For 15 years we have maintained a consistent relationship with our customers offering an efficient and specialized quality of service.

To continue to exceed our customers' expectations, we recently launched a new solution, with the goal of further improving the interaction with our customers.

Our motivation to change

What were your motivation behind the change of solution for the management of Customer Services?

For 15 years, innovation has been at the heart of the Traveldoo culture. It is therefore important to us that this innovative style is also reflected in our products and the service that we provide daily to our customers. It is was therefore a natural next step to select and implement one of the most efficient solutions available in the market.

New features

What are the new features offered by this platform, in comparison to the previous solution used?

This new interactive solution will allow us to simplify exchanges with our clients and deal effectively with identified cases. Thanks to a modern design and innovative technology, its use is very intuitive: customers can create a request or seek information in just a few clicks. The filing tool of applications and the new Knowledge database are fully connected to provide specific solutions to our customers. The information will also be recorded and each application can be transformed (after anonymisation and validation) into articles for the construction of a global knowledge database.

The aim is to optimise the existing processes to streamline our exchanges. The assignment, the status and the priority of requests will now be managed by our teams. Our customer portal, will include all this detailed information in an east to use format.

For a valued customer experience

How do these developments improve the customer experience? What are the key benefits?

The objective is to simplify the communication between the various stakeholders. This new platform addresses support services as well as customers of Traveldoo.

The ease of administration of the tool enables the support team to focus on customer satisfaction and on the construction of a qualified knowledge database. The development of the knowledge database will enable direct access to the information, the most recurring support cases and the details behind each case. Clients can use the database to find all statistics relating to our exchanges, such as the number of present "support cases", pending requests. These statistics are automatically calculated and displayed on the login page. Other information may be made available to clients according to their feedbacks or needs in order to have maximum customisation and use of the platform, and thus improve the customer experience.

Giving the floor to the clients

Since the launch 3 weeks ago, have customers benefitted from this new solution?

Our clients are very satisfied with the implementation of this new solution and we encourage in particular the development and the continual enrichment of our knowledge database, to continue to meet their expectations.

Monica Villar, head of product at CWT:

« I appreciate the more efficient side of the site and allowing access to numerous information that you are going to archive.

Very easy to use, to create a request and to find it. The report of activities offers a quick visual on the status of applications.

In general, it is a very good initiative as my level of knowledge on the content will allow me to redirect the requests and questions of collaborators to the site. »

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