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Traveldoo is continually working on a new innovative ways to help companies optimize their travel costs. One of the latest enhancements allows an advance setup of the air travel policy.

Through a user friendly interface and simple explanation of your company's policy guidelines we facilitate your manager's decisions for travel approval. Thus, your travel policy will be, at all levels, fast and efficiently implemented across your company.

Compliance criteria

The 3 classical criteria:

  • The booking class (Economy, business, first)
  • The flight price according to advanced dynamic rules (the notion of “Best buy” is very subjective and this will be the subject of another article.)
  • The supplier's preferences (in order to consider your negotiated contracts with airliners.

You can also add criteria such as forward booking dates (Advance Booking Rules) which can further enhance your expense management.

These criteria and rules can be tailored by travel categories and purpose or trip, to adapt more closely your travel policy.

Communication and traveler buyer-in

When a user book a flight which doesn't comply with the company travel policy, the non-compliance message is specified throughout the process of booking; in the travel detail, on the page “My selection”, in “My Trip and Approbation”, in the email of booking confirmation and request for approval section.

This clear communication helps to educate and enforce the details of your air travel policy, to drive its adoption at every level within the company.

Don't hesitate to contact your Traveldoo Account Manager if you would like some support to modify your travel policy.

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