New Air France and KLM aligned fare structure in Economy class

For travel on its European and North African network, Air France and KLM will introduce a new, fully combined fare structure based on offering simplicity to the customer by having a choice between Light, Standard and Flex fares.

Each fare has a unique set of services and conditions:

If you are cost-conscious and travelling light, without checked baggage and do not require full flexibility, you can choose the Light fare. The Standard fare offers you key attributes when you need to check in baggage. The Flex fare, as the name suggests, offers you full flexibility. This fare also includes SkyPriority, ensuring you a smooth and efficient experience at the airport.

In addition, extra services can be purchased separately, such as paid baggage and seating.

Combine our new fare structure with the benefits of your corporate contract:

  • Flexible ticket deadlines
  • High priority waitlist
  • High priority in re-booking and seat confirmation
  • High protection against denied boarding

These fares are available in the full range of booking classes ensuring first and last seat availability. You can therefore always choose between Light, Standard and Flex fares. Our service on board does not change as refreshments, snacks and meals (depending upon the time of day and length of the flight) remain free of charge to all customers.

With this new fare structure, the strength of Air France and KLM brings its European customers an aligned fare product with a strong combined network, giving more choice in fares and services than ever before.

These new fares are being rolled out across the network of 96 destinations and will be implemented by mid‑November. In addition, corporate fares will be progressively rolled out from the same date.

For more information, contact your travel manager or Air France or KLM representative.

Overview new Economy class fare structure
Light Standard Flex
Change no change or €**
Go Show
Flying Blue

*One piece of checked baggage 23 KG
** Dependent on market: change at €70, NL, BE, LU, UK, IE, NO, SE, DK, FI, ES. No change: departure rest of Europe.
** SkyPriority offers customers a series of specialised in-airport services: Priority check-in, baggage drop-off, boarding and baggage handling, priority service at airport ticket offices and transfer desks, and where available priority lines at security and immigration

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