Air France’s new Premium cabin class for Europe immediately available through Traveldoo

Organisations using Traveldoo can benefit from Air France’s new short- and medium-haul cabin classes for Europe, without having to change any settings

Traveldoo, the provider of online business travel services platforms, announces that Air France's new cabin classes for Europe, including the Premium Eco offer, have been integrated to its search engine in a transparent manner for the benefit of businesses, travellers and travel arrangers.

With one click, Traveldoo users get the cheapest fares in Voyageur cabin class and their company's negotiated fares in Premium Eco, without changing the company's policy setup. In addition, Traveldoo's faring engine automatically displays fare combinations within the context of Air France's New European Offer (NEO).

New Air France's Voyageur and Premium cabin classes are bookable on Traveldoo, since the sales launch on March 16 th, thus ensuring a smooth transition to the New European Offer for clients and TMCs.

About Traveldoo

Traveldoo is the European provider of online travel management solutions, enabling businesses to improve the performance of their travel procurement processes and reduce travel expenditure, making business travellers' lives easier and helping travel agencies develop quickly and efficiently their Internet distribution channel.