Traveldoo introduces Traveldoo Expense a cloud-based and mobile expense management platform

Traveldoo Expense is natively integrated with Traveldoo corporate travel booking solutions to provide an all-in-one Travel & Expense management platform.

With Traveldoo Expense Checkout, Traveldoo introduces new and innovative ways to capture business expenses details on the go with geo-location and automate expense reporting. Traveldoo Expense Touch for tablets makes expense reporting at hand anytime.

Traveldoo, the provider of Web and mobile platforms for travel and expense management, today announced Traveldoo Expense, the expense management platform designed to simplify and optimise expense reporting in the age of cloud computing and IT consumerization. Traveldoo Expense introduces innovative ways to make expense reporting much faster and effortless, including Traveldoo Expense Checkout to capture expenses details automatically at the time of purchase. Traveldoo Expense will be presented at the Business Travel Show, London, on February 5th and 6th.

Traveldoo Expense helps take full advantages of mobile devices and geo-location capability. With Traveldoo Expense Checkout, smartphone and tablet users can track expenses as they occur. You start by locate merchants – e.g. restaurant - and places – rail station - nearby, tap and Traveldoo Expense Checkout instantly categorizes the expense and prefills expense details. You take a picture of your receipt and save the captured expense with the attached receipt in your expense report or in your Traveldoo wallet and you are done. With Traveldoo Expense Touch, tablet users will be able to report and organise their business expenses at anytime, anywhere, while approvers will be able to quickly check and immediately approve submitted expense reports.

Travel data from Traveldoo corporate booking solutions, Traveldoo Enterprise and Traveldoo Portal, automatically populate expense reports. Employees or delegates can add expenses and receipts captured on the go with Traveldoo Expense Checkout, imported credit card transactions, create repeated expenses very quickly through a single form, and enter new expenses and mileage effortlessly with autocomplete entry fields and Google Maps based mileage calculator.

Traveldoo Expense provides flexible configuration management and advanced capabilities to implement best practices in expense management. Through custom expense types, customisable expense forms and transaction split rules, companies will benefit from the flexibility to define the level of detail captured and setup expense categorization the way you want. In addition, expense categorization and policy rules can be set by employee category and expense purpose.

A variety of tools and settings will help organisations actively enforce, control and measure compliance to travel and expense policies, including detection and identification of non-compliant expenses; discussion-like comments down to an expense line level; automatic calculation of reimbursable amounts; and mobile approval on touch devices.

Interactive dashboards will help companies monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) – e.g. budget consumption, compliance rates, processing and reimbursement times – and reports will enable to analyse precisely and quickly how T&E spending breaks down and evolves over time by expense types, suppliers, cost centres and more.

Traveldoo provides APIs and data import/export feeds to link Traveldoo Expense platform with your identity management system (LDAP, SSO) and integrate with your business applications (HR, Accounting, Payment…). Traveldoo Expense runs in a secure, cloud-based environment. Traveldoo Expense is available as a cloud-based expense management solution or as a component of Traveldoo end-to-end Travel & Expense management solutions.

About Traveldoo

Traveldoo is the European provider of online travel management solutions, enabling businesses to improve the performance of their travel procurement processes and reduce travel expenditure, making business travellers' lives easier and helping travel agencies develop quickly and efficiently their Internet distribution channel.