Traveldoo introduces Traveldoo Risk Manager, the online risk and crisis management service integrated into corporate travel management

Integrated into Traveldoo’s online corporate travel booking platforms, Traveldoo Risk Manager enables organisations to improve the way they manage the risks that might affect their travellers’ security and health.

Traveldoo, the provider of online business travel services platforms that simplify the travel planning experience and optimise travel spend, today announced the launch of Traveldoo Risk Manager, the first online risk and crisis management service integrated into core travel management processes.

Geopolitical risks, health crises and natural disasters acutely raise the question of travellers' safety and health. With Traveldoo Risk Manager, Traveldoo offers an innovative and efficient solution by incorporating risk management within travel arrangement and travelling.

Traveldoo Risk Manager enables organisations to identify risks associated with travel to a specific destination (global, geopolitical, health and environmental), rate the level of risk on a scale of 1 to 5 and publish info messages and alerts on their Traveldoo booking site. Travellers or travel arrangers are then instantly informed of risks associated with their trip, while planning. In addition, travel booking, notification and approval workflows can be dynamically amended according to the risk severity.

Beyond raising awareness and setting up processes to reduce traveller's exposure to risks, organisations have also the ability to quickly take action in case of a crisis. They can instantly trigger pre-set emergency procedures, identify and contact in a few clicks the travellers who may be travelling or have travel plans to the destination concerned. With Traveldoo's agent-assisted booking synchronisation, organisations will benefit from the extension of Traveldoo Risk Manager services to the trips that have been booked offline by their travel agency.

" We offer a new perspective on travel risk management with a new breed of online services to help organisations reduce their travellers' exposure to risk and react faster to crisis ", said Olivier Mindren, Vice-President Marketing, Traveldoo.

About Traveldoo

Traveldoo is the European provider of online travel management solutions, enabling businesses to improve the performance of their travel procurement processes and reduce travel expenditure, making business travellers' lives easier and helping travel agencies develop quickly and efficiently their Internet distribution channel.