Traveldoo partners with GoodPlanet to help reduce the impact of business travel on climate change

Businesses and organisations using Traveldoo’s online travel spend management solutions will be able to measure their travel-related greenhouse gas emissions and offset them through GoodPlanet’s carbon offset program.

Traveldoo, the provider of online business travel services platforms that simplify the travel planning experience and optimise travel spend, and GoodPlanet, a non-profit organisation committed the promotion of sustainable development, announce they entered into partnership to raise businesses and travellers' awareness of the impact of travel on climate change, take action to reduce their carbon footprint and balance their greenhouse gas emissions through carbon offsets.

This partnership is part of Traveldoo's strategy for providing sustainable business travel services.

Traveldoo and GoodPlanet joined forces to integrate the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions into Traveldoo's online business travel reservation and management services. Multiple carbon calculation method can be implemented to adapt to local practices or adopt the recommendations of regulatory bodies. Thus, travellers will be able to measure the carbon footprint of a trip, a flight, a rail journey and car travel before making their choice and booking. Indicators quantifying the greenhouse gas emissions related to the client's travel spend, with a breakdown by category of expense, business entity, supplier and traveller will enrich Traveldoo's online reporting offering.

In addition, companies, organisations and travellers will have the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions through GoodPlanet's carbon offset program (funding energy efficiency and renewable energy projects...), making a positive contribution toward carbon-neutral travel. Carbon offsetting is based on the purchase of carbon credits issued under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Offset project selection made by GoodPlanet is based on the rigorous CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) methodology, as established by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), thus delivering Certified Emission Reductions (CER's). As part of a sustainable development approach, GoodPlanet finances NGOs-run projects that do not only have a very high environmental value, but also create jobs and income for local people, such as the construction of family-size biogas plants in China or solar cookers in the Andean countries.

" By integrating the measurement and offset of greenhouse gas emissions with our online business travel services, we bring two new instruments to encourage environmentally and socially responsible travel purchasing. It is an important step toward the setting of new business travel practices respecting the principles of sustainable development ", said Olivier Mindren, Vice-President Marketing, Traveldoo.

" Travel is a key source of carbon emissions related to business activity, and unfortunately personal environmental awareness does not always resonate in a business community. Helping each company to create environmental awareness and each individual to reduce his impact on climate change is key to GoodPlanet's fight against global warming ", said Matthieu Tiberghien, Manager of GoodPlanet's carbon offset program.

About GoodPlanet, a non profit organization founded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, works on raising public consciousness and educating about a more responsible way of life, respectful of the planet and its inhabitants. Through the Action Carbone project, companies, institutions and individuals have also the opportunity to calculate and reduce their impact on the climate, by reducing their own carbon footprint and in the form of voluntary carbon offsetting.

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