Discover our solutions for the management of corporate travel and expenses

Organisations & Public services

Travel & Expense

An all-in-one travel & expense management.

Traveldoo Enterprise

Simplify & optimise travel management

Traveldoo Expense

Automate expense reports management, optimise and better control your busienss expenses

Travel agencies & Distributors

Traveldoo Portal

The white-label eCommerce platform for business travel agencies and distributors.

Services included in our solutions

Traveldoo Risk Manager

Mitigating travel risk and improving crisis management for safer business travel.


Traveldoo Assisted Booking

Simplify complex travel plan management, with the integrated assistance of your preferred travel agency.


Traveldoo Analytics

Better insights into travel spend and expense reports. Increased programme performance.

Traveldoo Mobile

Itinerary management and sharing made easier. On-the-go expense tracking with geolocation, voice and digital receipts.

Additional services


Cash advance

Manage cash advance requests. Set up the approval workflows. Integrate your advance requests in your expense report management.



To support the success of your Traveldoo solution: premium implementation, training prgrammes, and customised assistance.



Automatically integrate invoice flows, control your out-of-policy expenses and consolidate the various sources of your expenses.