Traveldoo Assisted Booking

Enrich your Traveldoo Enterprise solution with the option Assisted Booking, integrated your travel agency assistance.


An online reservation space that enables you to organise your trips with the assistance of a travel agent.


A single page for all your trips, whether booked online or assisted by an agent.


All the advantages of online booking even on assisted on trips: delayed ticketing, reporting...

Agent-assisted booking integration

Traveldoo Assisted Booking merges the online and offline worlds by making it easy for Traveldoo users to plan travel requiring the assistance of an agent (offline) and creating a single place to organise all trips, whether fully booked online or assisted by an agent.

Automated switch

Based on trip patterns, smart search and request forms will point users automatically to their company's preferred booking channel (100% online self-service vs. agent-assisted self-service). Then, Traveldoo Booking Sync Engine updates travel requests with your agency's proposals. When accepted, synced offline bookings will go through your online approval process, if any.

All the advantages of online booking

All the advantages of online booking are preserved even on assisted bookings:

  • dashboard for online and offline bookings management
  • approval of offline bookings or assisted by a travel agent,
  • synchronisation of online and offline booking channels,
  • integration of offline flows.

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