Traveldoo Services provide a ful range of services to ensure the successful deployment of Traveldoo solutions.


Accompany the success of your project

Our project and implementation managers have an intimate knowledge of Traveldoo solutions, the experience of multi-country transformation programmes and effective project-management skills. With Traveldoo Path™, they provide the guidance each client needs to make its online travel management initiative a success.

Traveldoo Path

Traveldoo Path is structured implementation methodology. It encapsulates the flexibility to adapt to the client's environment and specificities.

Traveldoo Path is comprised of four key steps: Analyse, Configure, Finalize and Deploy. It provides guidance to establish the appropriate organisation structure (roles, responsibilities…) and governance principles to manage the transformation programme, define objectives, decide on the priorities, promote change, encourage adoption, and measure performance.

This unique methodology enables both the client's and Traveldoo's project team to deliver high-quality projects with minimised risks, lower costs and shorter time-to-benefit.


With on-site training, Instructor-led Web courses and e-learning systems available 24x7, Traveldoo and its partners offer a broad range of multi-lingual training options to help clients build with the right training mix and smoothly transition to SaaS travel management solutions.

Service Delivery & Support

Our Service Delivery and Customer Support teams are comprised of engineers and product experts with an intimate knowledge of customer configurations. Recognised for their ability to response to service requests with the utmost professionalism and in a timely manner, they operate under stringent service level agreements.