Traveldoo Expense
Optimise expense reports process and budget monitoring
Discover Traveldoo Expense experience
Simply and quickly manage your expense reports
  • Automate the creation of your expense reports

  • Geolocate and instantly save your expenses

  • Scan and centralise your receipts.
Optimise your expense management, improve expense reporting and monitor your policy compliance.
  • Create custom expense forms, adapted to your needs

  • Automate the approval workflows of your expense reports

  • Set up control rules for your reimbursement policy
Track the efficiency of your expense management policy
  • Generate reports on the nature and evolution of your expenses

  • Analyse the status and trends of your key performance indicators from your dashboard.
Automate the integration of your expenses to and from your business software
  • Export the expenses in your ERP system

  • Import bank statements, invoices in Traveldoo Expense
Our technology at your service
Strengthening the enforcement of your expense reimbursement policy.

Consolidation of travel requests flows, expenses or payments flows. Control and validation of budgetary allocations.

Cash advance

Manage cash advance requests. Set up the approval workflows. Integrate your advance requests in your expense report management.

Automated import of payment flows and accounting reconciliation. Distribution of accounting reports.

Manage accounts and automate the reallocation of expenses to help budget control.


Automatically integrate invoice flows, control your out-of-policy expenses and consolidate the various sources of your expenses.

Our Modules
Risk Manager
Efficiently raise awareness of travellers and travel arrangers. Improve traveller tracking and provide faster assistance.
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Assisted Booking
Simplify complex travel plan management, with the integrated assistance of your preferred travel agency.
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Better insights into travel spend and expense reports. Increased program performance.
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Itinerary management and sharing made easier. On-the-go expense tracking with geolocation, voice and digital receipts.
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Our Services
Our project and implementation managers have an intimate knowledge of Traveldoo solutions and provide the guidance each client needs to make its online travel management initiative a success.
With on-site training, Instructor-led Web courses and e-learning systems available 24x7, Traveldoo and its partners and its partners offer a broad range of multi-lingual training options to help clients.
Service Delivery & Support
Our Service Delivery and Customer Support teams, recognised for their ability to response to service requests with the utmost professionalism, operate under stringent service level agreements.


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