Traveldoo Expense

Optimise expense reports process and budget monitoring


Engaging user experience, travel data integration, assisted expense creation and brand new ways to capture expenses on the go.


Powerful controls, rule-based settings and workflows to strengthen compliance with policies, speed up reimbursement and better control budgets.


Integration of Traveldoo Enterprise and Traveldoo Portal trip data. Secure integration with your company's IT environment.

Simply and quickly manage your expense reports

  • Automate the creation of your expense reports.
  • Geolocate and instantly save your expenses.
  • Scan and centralise your receipts.

Improve the processing of expense reports, optimise your expenses and control their compliance.

  • Create custom expense forms, adapted to your needs.
  • Automate the approval workflows of your expense reports.
  • Set up control rules for your reimbursement policy.

Track the effectiveness of your expense management policy

  • Generate reports on the nature and evolution of your expenses.
  • Analyse the status and trends of your key performance indicators from your dashboard.

Automate the integration of your expenses to and from your business software

  • Export the expenses in your ERP system.
  • Import bank statements, invoices in Traveldoo Expense..

Features of the Traveldoo Expense solution


Strengthening the enforcement of your expense reimbursement policy.


Automated import of payment flows and accounting reconciliation. Distribution of accounting reports.



Consolidation of travel requests flows and expenses or payments flows. Control and validation of budgetary allocations.



Accounts and budgets reallocation of expenses. Automated integration of these adjustments.

Additional services


Cash advance

Manage cash advance requests. Set up the approval workflows. Integrate your advance requests in your expense report management.

Traveldoo Mobile

Manage and synchronise your expenses with the Expense chekout app. Geolocate and instantly save your expenses. Scan your receipts.



Automatically integrate invoice flows, control your out-of-policy expenses and consolidate the various sources of your expenses.



Rémy Cointreau choose Traveldoo T&E

" The Traveldoo implementation team was highly active on the project. The project is a success because there was great cooperation between the Rémy Cointreau and Traveldoo teams. "

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