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Bring the essential features with you while travelling

The essential solution for your business trips

View and share your complete itinerary anywhere. Locate your hotel, car rental agency, rail stations or airport.

Expense reports

Manage your expenses without keying in information, by combining geolocation and voice control.

Digital Wallet

Scan your receipts offline, and save them in the app's wallet.

Simplified mobility
Expense reporting made easier and faster than ever
Manage your business expenses without keying in information, by combining geolocation, voice control, customised suggestions and receipts scanning.

Voice control enables users to complete data the data entry derived by geolocation or suggested from the user’s expense history.
Save your receipts even while offline
Capture expenses and digitalise receipts when offline.

Expenses and receipts are automatically saved into the user’s digital wallet and synced later.
View and share your itinerary
Traveldoo mobile application for iPhone provides business travellers with anytime, anywhere access to rich itineraries (flights, trains, hotels, car hires...) and enables them to locate hotels, car rental agencies, rail stations and airports.

In addition, travellers get a summary of fare and rate conditions, product-specific delivery information such as rail ticket on departure, as well as being able to click to call or click to email customer service.
Approve and follow your requests
Approvers can quickly approve or reject bookings from their smartphone, while travellers are kept informed about the approval status and the compliance of their trips thanks to the Traveldoo app.
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Risk Manager
Efficiently raise awareness of travellers and travel arrangers. Improve traveller tracking and provide faster assistance.
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Simplify complex travel plan management, with the integrated assistance of your preferred travel agency.
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Assisted Booking

Better insights into travel spend and expense reports. Increased programme performance.

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