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A quick and simple 3 clicks to book
John receives the confirmation of a strategic meeting in Frankfurt. Responsible for trip arrangement, Anne connects to Traveldoo and, after comparing the best available rates, books a flight and a hotel for him in 3 clicks.
Follow-up of reservations and trip itineraries while travelling
Mary is on a business trip. She is informed by email of the reservation made for John and approves it directly from her mobile phone. John receives his confirmations and views his complete itinerary on his Traveldoo application.
Geolocation and on-the-go automatic expense capture
Arriving in Frankfurt, John uses his Traveldoo mobile application to communicate the address of his hotel to his colleagues. When settling his dinner, he takes a picture of the receipt and automatically saves this expense thanks to Traveldoo Expense Checkout and its geolocalisation services.
Simplified management of expense reports on desktop, tablet or smartphone
Back in his office, John finalise in few clicks the expense report he created from his trip data, the expenses saved with Traveldoo Expense Checkout and those paid with his credit card. Then he submits it for approval.
Better control and instant follow-up of expenses
Mary checks the expense report submitted by John from her mobile. She checks at a glance the detail of his expenses, as well as their compliance. The automated calculation rules of the reimbursement policy enable her to approve the expense report easily.
Secured and optimised audit and accounting operations
Peter receives the expense report approved by Mary and reconciles the expenses with the suppliers’ invoices. After controlling the expenses budgetary allocation, he simply exports the data to his accounting software and prepares the VAT recovery.
Faster reimbursement of expenses reports
Once the accounting operations are done and verified and after checking, Peter programmes the reimbursement of the expense report. John is notified in real time of its payment.
Continuous analyse and improvement of the travel program
Sandra views the reports of her business unit and sees a notable increase in hotel spend in Frankfurt. Paul has all the data to negotiate preferential rates at hotels near his company’s offices.
Our technology at your service
Simply and quickly your business travel.
Your travel programme and generate substantial savings.
Compliance with the travel and reimbursement policies and automate the approval workflows.
Travel management processes securely, seamlessly with the client’s IT ecosystem.
Access to a wealth of supplier offers.
Powerful instruments to maximize your savings
Our Modules
Risk Manager
Efficiently raise awareness of travellers and travel arrangers. Improve traveller tracking and provide faster assistance.
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Assisted Booking
Simplify complex travel plan management, with the integrated assistance of your preferred travel agency.
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Better insights into travel spend and expense reports. Increased program performance.
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Itinerary management and sharing made easier. On-the-go expense tracking with geolocation, voice and digital receipts.
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Our Services
Our project and implementation managers have an intimate knowledge of Traveldoo solutions and provide the guidance each client needs to make its online travel management initiative a success.
With on-site training, Instructor-led Web courses and e-learning systems available 24x7, Traveldoo and its partners and its partners offer a broad range of multi-lingual training options to help clients.
Service Delivery & Support
Our Service Delivery and Customer Support teams, recognised for their ability to response to service requests with the utmost professionalism, operate under stringent service level agreements.


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