Traveldoo Risk manager

Efficiently raise awareness of travellers and travel arrangers. Improve traveller tracking and provide faster assistance.


Inform and alert travellers to the source, from the organisation of their trips.


Quickly and efficiently locate travellers in case of emergency in the area.


Have the right tools and the right information to respond more quickly to a serious crisis.

Raise awareness

Organisations can identify and rate the level of risk (global, geopolitical, health and environmental) associated with travel to a specific destination (on a scale of 1 to 5) and publish destination-based messages and alerts on Traveldoo booking site.

Mitigate travel risk

Travellers and travel arrangers are then instantly informed of risks associated with their trip while planning it. In addition, travel approval workflows can be dynamically amended according to risk severity.

Improve traveller tracking

Traveldoo Risk Manager features interactive maps and online reports to help companies identify employees who are expected to be travelling to at-risk areas.

They get instant access to online traveller tracking reports based on bookings made through a variety of booking channels, both online and offline, GDS and non-GDS. Consolidated travel booking data are combined with Google maps to make travellers' location easier.

Provide better assistance to travellers

The consolidation of traveller profiles and travel booking data in Traveldoo helps organisations reach travellers quicker.

When appropriate to the situation, they can send customised SMS or email messages and alerts to travellers. Traveldoo Risk Manager thus lets companies take preventive actions in a very simple manner and provide faster assistance to their travellers in the event of an emergency.

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