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Over the years there has been much debate around the optimal time users spend online before purchasing.

In the B2C world consumer research reports that as much as $4 trillion is lost through abandoned shopping carts per year, or an average of 70% of all B2C shopping carts. In the B2B world, whilst figures are expected to be lower, the impact is none the less impactful.

In a bid to try and overturn these statistics, Amazon launched “1-click” button ordering, the idea that consumers could enter in their billing, shipping ad payment information once and then click to purchase going forward – it was a breakthrough in hassle free online shopping. The patent for the Amazon technology expired last September, leaving the market open for other retailers to follow suit.

So how does this work in a B2B environment? A renowned piece of research conducted by Microsoft dating back to 2015, revealed that we now have an attention span of just 8 seconds (even shorter than a goldfish with an attention span of 9 seconds) and the unofficial web design role is 3-clicks to book.

With this in mind, Traveldoo have designed their SBT to enable a search to book in just 3 clicks. This design has been tested with extensive scientific data analysis covering all aspects of the travel journey. Traveldoo follow the Expedia “test & learn” culture so each piece of product development is tested, to analysis the customer response and ensure that any development has customers at the forefront of any decision.

And it’s not just the navigation and number of clicks, but also the speed in which the pages load. For a business traveller, speed and efficiency are key along with:

  • Real-time application of negotiated flight, hotel, etc
  • Simple user interface with best fare indication
  • Customizable pre-trip approval workflow.

All displayed within a matter of seconds.

This is what Simon Dugan, Director of sales & account management – Ian Allan Travel has to say about the Traveldoo SBT. “We have had great success with our client base using Traveldoo. Our online adoption rates soar above the industry averages of 45-55% with most clients, proving that the Traveldoo solution provides booking efficiency and ease of use delivering what is required across our multiple business channels. We recommend Traveldoo to our customers as we create synergy between our own internal traveller focus and technology.”

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