A Travel Policy for Healthy Living

Business travel involves employees disrupting their lives for the benefit of your business. Yet, when companies try to reduce travel spend, it’s often the employees that suffer.

Company duty-of-care is increasingly recognized as an important part of the working life, however the scope is too narrow in many cases. Running a successful company must be seen as a complete package with work-life balance now ranking among the top priorities for job candidates. This lays the ground for modern travel policies, prioritizing the importance of employee health and wellbeing in a way which can positively impact the company bottom line.

Let’s look at why it matters

Productivity is related to stress. Unhealthy eating, bad sleep, hectic schedules and delayed travel can induce a lot of stress, even for the most seasoned traveler. There is a strong correlation between business travel and poor life outcomes including depression, anxiety and poor sleep. These have the potential to lead to costs for companies due to reduced productivity, performance and absenteeism

One way to help employees is to consider a flexible purchasing policy that can adapt depending on the circumstances of the business trip. Getting home earlier is far more preferable than pointless hanging out at the airport.

Or you could consider optional homeworking for employees returning from a long haul or overnight journey.

Most travelers report that the quality of their business travel impacts their business results, so while it’s hard to calculate a hard ROI, People are sometimes, depending on the nature and purpose of the trip, traveling to execute business-critical tasks and you need to keep them at their best.

As travel management professionals it can pay to be as informed as possible, about things like airline on-time performance, luggage delivery times, and legroom, along with reviews on hotels.

Attempting to meet the needs of your talented, traveling employees while weighing up the practicalities of cost savings and compliance, is a difficult balancing act for any company. Travel needs are subjective, and with the traveler now having a stronger voice, there’s a drive for policies to be more closely aligned with leisure preferences.

However, top tier talent is always in high demand, and finding the right people is one of the greatest challenges faced by modern businesses. The way in which a business manages its travel policy can have a direct impact on its ability to attract and retain talent.

A key factor in recruiting millennials and keeping them satisfied in their jobs will be by adopting policies that speak to them. Airbnb is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to hotels, allowing a stay in an environment where you can generally feel more at home.

Incorporating a more mindful, approach can impact productivity in a positive way. Spending on business travel, in this light, can be seen as an investment. Traveldoo offers great technology for travelers to book a perfect and stress free trip and a mobile solution for them to attend to their needs during the trip itself.

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