An optimised travel service thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Traveldoo partners with ESCAET to study Artificial Intelligence developments in Business Travel.

ESCAET MBA1 International Travel Management students highlight the use of Artificial Intelligence and its future in the world of Travel and Expense: booking, management of expense reports, mobile, security …

In this first part, an infographic made by Gaëlle Defontaine, Martine Hirth and Pamela Siellez, points out the benefits of an optimised travel service thanks to artificial intelligence.

This infographic is the first part of a global synthesis realised by MBA1 International Travel Management 2017-2018 promotion during a project in collaboration with Traveldoo led by Constance Huckendubler, Director Content Training, Publication and Research @ ESCAET.

To know more about AI, read our article Traveldoo & ESCAET: Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Business Travel 


an optimised travel service thanks to artificial intelligence

an optimised travel service thanks to artificial intelligence

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