Quiz Copenhagen

As its famous Little Mermaid, it's hard to escape from the call from the sea! Ride your bike and discover the most welcoming capital of Scandinavia, an excellent mix of history and modernity.

Quiz Berlin

Berlin, symbol of east/west division for a long time, is mixing many contradictions. From its apparent rigour to trendy nights, discover the German capital, full of energy and creativity! Quiz...!

Storing Data, not Paper

Paper receipts have been around for years. Perhaps that is why society at large has not yet eliminated them. Time for storing data!

Women and business travel: let’s put an end to preconceived ideas!

"Men are more likely than women to be skilled in new technologies," the clichés say. A study by HRS showed that in business travel, as in other walks of life, there is no reason for this [...]

Well-being is top of the Travel Managers’ concerns

What are the main challenges for Travel Managers in a constantly changing sector and complex political and economic climate?

Travel managers : top challenges UK in 2019

Duty of care, traveller wellbeing and secure technology are the top concerns of the UK’s travel managers this year. A challenging year ahead?

Quiz Lisbon

BOM DIA LISBOA ! Capital of Portugal with many assets, Lisbon is one of the most charismatic and inspiring cities in Europe. Discover the mix of tradition, heritage and modernism. Quiz!

The 8 mistakes Business Travel you will no longer make in 2019

Discover 8 mistakes you will no longer make in 2019 in Business Travel and Expense reports management. Download Traveldoo White Paper now!

Travel more to work better!

2018 was a great year for business travel and tourism in general. Business travel has grown strongly with "15 of the top 20 business travel markets in...

GDPR: a climate of mistrust?

A few months after the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) within the European Union, the initial results are surprising.