Design to evolve

Product managers, developers and designers must ensure that the user experience remains consistent across multiple evolving mediums.

Over the last few years, consumer behavior — with particular focus on social, mobile and even new wearable platforms — has made it important that product managers, developers and designers collaborate toward unifying user experiences.

This “connected” mindset extends beyond websites and apps; for most consumers in the technology space, familiarity is essential to a cohesive and intelligent product journey. Companies that maximize their brand experience across all channels — web/mobile applications, social media, customer service, etc. — are maximally re-inforcing their businesses value proposition.

At Traveldoo we have recognised throughout the travel technology industry a push to unify experiences, but to date this has been a bit underwhelming. Older companies tend to avoid major re-designs while younger phase companies often lose sight of the bigger picture by with too narrow a focus.

Traveldoo has recently extended it’s concept of “design” to include principals, guidelines and core asset use across all platforms. The same team that oversees our next generation of product UX will also ensure a commonality of experience across our web site, print assets and other market visible touch points. What it means to interact with Traveldoo should be evident and consistent from the perspective of anyone.

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