Editorial April 2017 : Traveldoo User Groups

Traveldoo launched its first of many, Traveldoo User Groups on 28 March in Paris, bringing together 20 different companies that use Traveldoo T&E solutions.
The meeting was an opportunity for us to talk with our customers to find out what they expect from a T&E solution and to set out Traveldoo’s plans for future innovation. Two large CAC40 companies presented their feedback after using Traveldoo solutions for several years. They achieved their goal to increase productivity and cost savings through gaining an online adoption rate of over 85%, achieved by a proactive policy and supporting users according to their profile (travellers, arrangers, decision-makers, etc.).

In terms of savings, we have found that the most opportunities are to be found in the air and hotel sectors.

Our client feedback highlighted that companies want to be able to compare their negotiated airfares with those available directly on airlines’ websites, taking account of the variety of options on offer, such as hold luggage. It’s worth noting that the price difference  may be over 30 euros on a medium-haul return flight.

As for hotels, it’s a matter of referencing and making it easier to book hotels located within a radius that can vary depending on the nature of the most popular sites, showing their location on a map, photos and travellers’ reviews. We are seeing a blurring of the lines between “leisure” and “business” travel practices.
Companies also expect a T&E solution to be highly flexible in terms of managing organisational changes, staff turnover and travel policies that often differ from one organisation to the next.

Not to mention that the tool is expected to incorporate solutions other than travel, with management of videoconferencing rooms, for example.

More than ever companies are looking for an “end-to-end” solution that fulfils all business needs simply, quickly and effectively. Traveldoo’s solutions are universally appreciated and valued by our customers for being robust and flexible.

The date’s set for the next User Group meeting, which will take place before the summer and involve practical workshops on administration, Travel and Expense management. The aim is to facilitate dialogue and to share best practices between users.

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