Technology to protect travellers

In a world that threatens the safety of travellers, a growing number of new companies and innovations are entering the market, offering organisations the highest level of security.

The conclusions of the 2017 study carried out by American Express Global Business Travel are unquestionable: security is top of the list of management concerns when it comes to business travel. The study shows that 64% of businesses have taken measures in this area, compared to 59% the year before. These initiatives mainly relate to maintaining contact at all times with colleagues who are away on business. 89% of companies asked disclosed that they had started projects in this area, whereas this figure was just 24% one year earlier.

In response to market demand, solutions are becoming better and better. One example is the People Locator, a product developed a few years ago by HRS, the specialist in hotel reservation solutions for business. This app gives the real time location of employees and includes the ability to manage a proactive and targeted approach to communication, if required. More recently, HRS acquired the Berlin-based start-up Conichi, which also gives strong guarantees thanks to its highly customisable services (automatic check-in and check-out, instant communication with the hotel, employee presence or absence etc.).

Communication and simplicity, the pillars of innovation

International SOS, specialist in the area of health and safety for business travel, also places technological innovation at the heart of their business. Its geolocation platform, TravelTracker, brings together all data relating to employee travel, including flight, train and hotel reservations, car hire details and even information about the situation at the destination. The aim is to enable proactive communication with travellers and their managers about situations which could affect them, and to support them where necessary.

Sabre also operates in this area. They are currently testing a prototype called Labsie. This aims to allow hotels, travel agents and airlines to interact with travellers using Messenger. The aim is to be able to support travellers right down to the tiniest detail of their travel experience.

But does the growth of tools and features run the risk of making the systems more complex and slowing down reaction times? The safety of an employee who is thousands of kilometres away from the business may rely on a swift response. To avoid this pitfall, the TMC Travel Planet wanted to emphasise simplicity. It sets itself apart by using a single interface which is shared by the travel manager and the end user. Its contents are updated automatically, based the individual’s role and access rights. Reservations, reporting in real time and tracking are accessed in a few clicks, from the most general level right down to the finest details.

Traveldoo, the provider of travel and expense management platforms, also offers integrated tools for businesses to increase employee and travel manager awareness about high-risk destinations and to implement specific approved routes. The Traveldoo Risk Manager module gives businesses an automatic report which lists and tracks travellers on a map and allows them to communicate with travellers who are in, or may travel into, a high-risk area.

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