5 tips for the Road Warrior

Let’s share a few tips and tricks for business travellers who are well-rested and ready to roam the far-away galaxies.  May the force be with you!

1. Travel preparations: a no-brainer? Sometimes time gets away from you and what seems so obvious can easily be overlooked.

  • Make sure you have travel insurance at your Company.
  • If you are a European citizen travelling in Europe, consider getting a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
  • Make sure your company mobile plan is suitable for your destination, and that it hasn’t been changed by your company since the last time you travelled.
  • Check your itineraries, tickets, and whether your connection times are reasonable taking into account the size of the airport and distance between terminals.
  • Pack some basic medical provisions (headache and stomach tablets and some vitamin C).

2. Travel light

  • Choose a bag or suitcase suited to the type of trip you are taking. The choice is vast, and it makes sense to invest in a range of different pieces of luggage that are, of course, lightweight, strong and easily transportable. For general usability, we recommend a rolling suitcase authorised as a carry-on or a garment bag for short stays.  The objective is to avoid checking bags into the hold (risk of losing time… or baggage). If you cannot avoid checking bags, mark your suitcase with something distinctive visible from a distance to avoid stress while waiting in front of the carousel.
  • Roll your clothes in your suitcase rather than folding them (not into a ball, of course! Roll them carefully lengthwise). This works perfectly for trousers, – shirts should be folded flat and staggered in a stiff shopping bag (such as from a clothing store). You will find them intact upon opening and save yourself the ironing.
  • Pay special attention when packing liquids. Sample sizes of perfume or cosmetics are practical. You can also buy small bottle to fill from your own larger containers, remember the limit is 100 ml.
  • Ask your company for a lightweight laptop computer – there’s no need to lug a brick around these days.
  • If you regularly travel to the same hotel, obtain and store some changes of clothing in the laundry room. You can now travel without a suitcase.

3. Working while on the move

  • Fit your computer screen with a privacy guard – they are incredibly useful.
  • Check you have your power supplies, connection cables, universal plug, spare battery and so on – and make sure you do this before you set off!
  • Find out about the quality of the destination hotel’s WiFi network.
  • Use the lounge access benefits from your loyalty cards at the airport or train station. Hotels also offer reserved spaces. 
  • Invest in noise-cancelling headphones – they are pricey but effective.

4. Rest

  • Choose the right airline
  • Beware of jet lag: During travel, adjust to the destination time zone right from departure, keep hydrated and get some rest – many find sleeping tablets to be the most effective. Upon arrival, get into the rhythm of the destination and stick to it.
  • Consider getting a neck pillow, a sleep mask and quality ear plugs. The low-cost supplies provided by the airline are not usually very comfortable.
  • Remember to get up and walk around during long-haul flights.

5. Enjoy yourself

  • Take a positive view of travel time as a time for disconnection. Finally, some time to yourself.
  • Become an expert in loyalty cards, which will allow your family members to benefit as well.
  • Look for hotels in lively neighbourhoods, and avoid business or industrial zones.
  • Get out and explore the town. When you are travelling alone, take an open bus tour. It’s a good way to relax and explore the city and may come in useful during your exchanges with your local counterparts the next day.
  • Add a day of holiday or stay for the weekend. Travelling over a weekend is often less expensive. Some travel policies take this into account to benefit the traveller (coverage of your extra hotel nights, for example).

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