A Global T&E Adventure

Over the last 10 year Traveldoo has been a strong local player, first in Travel and later in T&E. This is already a large achievement, as the French and EMEA market is tough, with many different suppliers, a strong domestic rail provider and large demanding corporations with a diversity of views on how Business Travel should be managed and reimbursed. Building an organisation and a technology platform that is flexible and powerful enough to accommodate and service this tough market is a great training. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Recently, Traveldoo has been fortunate enough to be selected as the T&E provider for a number of substantial multi-national clients. This has triggered, with the backing of the Expedia group, a new phase of investment and expansion. Traveldoo’s new mission is to “Go Global”. Phased over the next 18-24 months, Traveldoo will put in place the functional, technical and service elements to support the use of our platform anywhere in the world, giving clients the option to select and consolidate on only one tool for their global organisation.

On the product side, a number of initiatives are underway:

Translations. We already work with the Expedia group internal agency to translate our software into 9 different interface languages. We now plan to add a further 8, including Japanese and Chinese.

Local Expense Regulations. One of the most complex aspects of expense management is local laws relating to “Per Diems” or local daily allowances. In countries where this, rather than individual reimbursements, is the norm, the rules can be highly complex. Mileage rates, also, are subject to a lot of variation in how they are applied. In order to fully and correctly understand these regulations (which are, naturally, documented in their own local language) we are engaging a leading consultancy firm to help us perform a “fiscal watch” on behalf of our clients.

Local Travel Content. As we know from our EMEA experience, local travel content is key, so Traveldoo is building a new team who will focus on expanding our range of available rail, hotel and other suppliers, across EMEA and beyond.

Going global is a huge ambition, but with our French heritage behind us, we are excited and confident to take on the challenge.

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