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In 2006, Time magazine, rather controversially, made “You” it’s person of the year. It did this in order to recognise the millions of people who anonymously contribute content for the consumption of others.

Since then the way we make decisions has shifted. We now put our trust equally as much in the experience of others as we do in the opinions of experts. And so we have TripAdvisor, 18 years old next month and the source of over ½ billion amateur reviews and opinions of hotels, restaurants and other travel related businesses. So, to celebrate the new year and the “coming of age” of the trip comment, we humbly present some of our favourites.

“it’s a great beach, just too sandy”

“We got served Brussel sprouts and tomato soup for breakfast on more than one occasion.”

“If buildings could speak, this one would be screaming ‘run away’ “

(about the grand canyon) “Just an overblown sandy ditch. Really don’t get the fascination … should have stayed in my hotel and watched a DVD instead.”

“I was told to check out the zebras crossing Abbey Road whilst in London but didn’t see any. Perhaps you have to come at night to see them?”

“The owner kept trying to sell me the hotel and asked if I knew anyone in England who would buy it”

(about the Taj Mahal) “Meh”

(about big ben) “A huge clock! I think there is a lot of fuss over nothing very special.”

(about Anne Frank’s house) “It’s absolutely a waste of time. So some girl wrote a diary, who cares? Boring.”

“We ordered two gin and tonics as we reviewed the menu. When they arrived, on closer inspection I noticed, to my horror, a dead cockroach floating in my drink. Don’t’ be fooled by this restaurants chic looks.”

“There was poo in the kettle”

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