Editorial December 2017 : Expense reports: ‘tis the season!

December is here – and with it, the traditional countdown and impatience for the end of the month. But it isn’t just kids and families who are counting the days. For companies, too, December is synonymous with a big countdown.

In France, they have to prepare their DADS annual statement (which is gradually being replaced by the DSN) dated up until 31/12, and then submit it before 31 January. To produce this statement, the company needs to know the exact total of expenses to reimburse employees. For this reason, you may already have received a reminder from your accounts department asking you to send in your expense report as soon as possible – without it, reimbursement can no longer be guaranteed.

If you don’t send in an expense report every month, now is the time to reach into your old handbag, purse or pockets and dig out those restaurant receipts, car park tickets and invoices for train and plane tickets, etc. Fortunately, this time-consuming process will soon be nothing more than a bad memory. A simple photo turns receipts into expense reports.

Over the last few years, mobile apps for managing expense reports have started to emerge, making it much easier for employees to send in their evidence using their smartphone’s camera, and possibly also its geolocation feature or even voice recognition. By using your phone, a simple photo is sufficient to log an expense in the company’s validation system. That is exactly what we offer with our new Expense app, which we unveiled at the GBTA Conference in Frankfurt. And more good news: digitisation has finally arrived for expense reports in France! In 2018, it will no longer be compulsory to keep hard-copy evidence of your expenses. Creating and managing your expense reports is now truly child’s play – it looks like Christmas has come early this year!

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