Editorial : Major cyber-attack

Over the past month there has been a lot of media coverage on the major cyber-attack that over a number of hours simultaneously affected numerous countries, thousands of companies, SMEs, large groups and notably hospitals, resulting in the paralysis of personal healthcare or assistance missions.

We all witnessed an unprecedented operation aimed at spreading a virus at a global level and the repercussions from such an incident.

It would appear that this type of attack is quite simply a new form of criminal activity aimed at exploiting weaknesses in a system for profit and there are growing concerns that this phenomenon will be repeated.

Faced with this threat, the teams at Traveldoo immediately informed our customers to reassure them about the measures put in place and to guarantee the integrity of data. Our computer infrastructure is completely sealed and employees do not have access from their work stations to the production environment. Our PCI-DSS certification requires us to have reinforced security and we are continually monitoring to ensure best practice by updating all of our machines with the latest software releases.

The recent tragic events in Manchester and London make us ever more conscious of our commitment to continually combat all forms of terror to protect our social model and how we live together. Security and protection form the core of our life model, whether that’s in the workplace, our daily lives and more than ever our travel.

The teams at Traveldoo are mobilised to provide users with concrete solutions for data, verification of access to our platform, location of travellers and communication of information useful for their security.

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