Editorial : This is not the future

This week, I went to London on the Eurostar after quickly making my booking on my mobile phone. My Traveldoo app gathers together all of my journeys, shows my itinerary timetable, informs me of any changes and suggests additional services that I can book easily. When I arrived at St Pancras station, I decided to call an Uber to take me to my meeting. At lunch, I paid for my meal with my phone. The expense was immediately completed using geolocation, then automatically added to my expense report.

This is not the future. This is what we presented at our last conference.

The Primaire des SBT (Introduction to SBTs) event, organised by GBTA France on 20 April, was an opportunity to share an overview of the state of the art, booking systems: the Self Booking Tool. Traveldoo participated in the event, in front of an audience of about 60 professional travel buyers. The format limited each participant to a maximum ten minute product presentation. With this time restraint, we decided to highlight the importance of user experience, and the mobile capability in our Traveldoo Travel solution.

Mobile capability is at the heart of the Traveldoo strategy for innovation and we have a  dedicated team who work solely on developing our mobile solutions. The team draw from the vast experience, research and resources of the Expedia group in the B2C world to bring the best mobile functionality to the business user. On the technical side, we chose native development so that our apps take full advantage of each platform’s strengths, offering a seamless experience that’s totally integrated into the smartphone ecosystem.

Our vision is to reproduce the simplicity and intuitiveness of the user universe in apps that we use every day. Mobile devices are indispensable road companions for business travellers. They can book hotels, order taxis or private cars, pay for certain expenditures, remain connected and find services in the area. Today, we can integrate all these services into one app, upholding the policies and rules currently in place within a company.

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