Good bookkeeping leads to correct reimbursement!

Expenses incurred by travellers on company business are regulated by professional expenses policies, to determine the type of expenditures that are authorised and the rules for reimbursement. Automated expense-report processing ensures that the rules are followed (with settings for employee permissions) and facilitates the validation process (with conformity-verification options).

Certain types of expenditures are not included and a review remains the manager’s task, but others are set by the company. In accordance with best market practices, the hotel and meal categories generally have upper limits, and further limits may be applied to sub-categories, such as room rate, WiFi, laundry, parking, breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on.

Processing and approving receipts for a single category is easily managed, but it is not unusual to receive a single receipt that groups together several expenses that are not in the same sub-category.

For example, consider a hotel invoice that includes the room rate, meals and additional services. How should this overall expense be processed?

Line-by-line control 

The Traveldoo Expense module offers a simple visual interface that includes a conformity-check system, adjustable for each  level of expenditure type.

From the creation of an entry, the system calculates and shows out-of-policy amounts, and administrators can set responses ranging from information (simply alerting users to overspend) to blocking (non-reimbursement of overspend). The employee can decide to provide justification for, or adjust the values before submission. When the request for approval has been received, the responsible party may adjust or accept the values before sending the expenses report to accounting.

Looking at the all-in-one hotel bill again. How should compliance with each limit be indicated, and on what basis should approval be given? 

… To the nearest penny!

Always detail-oriented, Traveldoo provides ‘expense splitting’!

Based on client guidelines, splitting provides additional granularity, allowing users to divide an expense category by inserting additional expense types. The overall total on a receipt falling under the hotels category may be divided into several sub-categories that are covered by individual reimbursement policies. The interface automatically recalculates overspend by expense type, so good record-keepers reap the rewards, and those responsible for approval can manage actual overspend. Everyone wins!

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