I find your Lack of Expense Management Disturbing

Today, with sites like glassdoor making companies highly transparent to the market, employee satisfaction really matters. The applications that you provide and require your employees to use are seen as part of the overall package, part of the overall experience of working for the company. If the applications that they use are poor, that fact will get out it will be more difficult to retain and motivate the best talent.

Millennials particularly are used to technology which simplifies their lives not makes it more complicated. Key to achieving this in the corporate context is making sure that systems talk to each other. If they don’t the user has to jump between systems, re-keying data, which is bad for the users and also means that the company doesn’t have a clear picture of the total spend.

Employees need time to train on new systems. This is, from the company perspective, non-productive time as it takes them away from their revenue generating activities. Having systems that minimise this effect, for example by using a single-sign-on instead of requiring users to remember one more login/password, help keep everyone focused on what is really important.

At Traveldoo, we try to keep our product development focused on topics which will allow companies to focus their most valuable resource, their people, on their core business. An all-in-one system, rebranded and integrated into an intranet, allows employees to move seamlessly through their travel booking and expense management tasks with the minimum of fuss so they can get back to their day jobs.

From our perspective, the best advice on expense management comes from many peoples favourite philosopher … “Do or do not. There is no try”.

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