Is your Business Travel Agency your Advice & Training partner?

In the business world as elsewhere, online booking tools have become widely accepted, revealing a profound trend of uses evolution. They also mark a turning point in the world of travel agency Business Travel.

From the customer relationship to the expenses management, business travel digitalization has shaken economical models. Added to this, competitive pressure from new players, most of which come from the world of new technologies, can sometimes highlight the structural weakness of some TMCs. Those who have neither the organizational capacity nor the financial capacity are unfortunately weakened.

The business travel agency, expert in technological integration

It is also interesting to stress the role of the travel agency nearby technological tools. The agency is the first customer of the SBT. First, it tests the technical proposal of the developer to be able to recommend it, based on the specific needs of each customer. Thus, ergonomics, intuitiveness, responsive quality, panel of settings, agility of the support teams, are all elements that the agency evaluates. The Self Booking Tool must be able to offer value throughout the agency’s work chain and also be able to anticipate its needs, those of its clients, in particular to facilitate transition, adoption and customer satisfaction.

The industry evolution: the guarantee of competitiveness

In this perspective, we are seeing a tremendous increase of TMCs skills: strategic analysis, consulting, project management, change management, operational support, on different topics as billing dematerialization, travel and expense management, pricing negotiation, implementation and settings of a new SBT. According to an increasingly “glocal” market, which is still very much intermediated, theTMC has now a real role as « leader » to play, and many companies will continue to seek expert advices to help them make the right choices.

In order to ensure their competitiveness, TMCs must ensure that they control all technological tools, from on-line booking to the dematerialized management of expenses, and therefore to think beyond the ticketing.

FFTPARIS, consulting and training organization

This is the case of the independent agency, FREQUENT FLYER TRAVEL PARIS, which has chosen to develop the value of its activity around the know-how of its teams. Since 2012, the agency has begun a pragmatic reflective process with its clients, in particular to think about the diversification of its activities and the development of new services.

Its Consulting Travel Management department offers various assistance modules:

  • Technological agility: Project and change management with purchasing, finance, IT and logistics departments
  • Purchasing Intelligence: Analysis of spending policy, selection of business suppliers and pricing negotiations
  • Performance Savings: optimization of direct and indirect savings
  • Security 24H: Risk Management, anticipation and steering of the security policy

It is also in this context of evolution that it became a training organization in September 2015. It thus participates in a relevant and expanded forecasting of employment and skills, both for its employees to its Corporate Clients.

– Training FFTtechnology
– Training FFTravel Management

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