Reconciling with a mission order !

When the time comes to pay bills, it is always difficult to check whether a trip was completed and what its fiscal costs are. The travel industry in particular operates by very specific accounting rules that generate variations such as billing on issuing, cancellation fees, changes after issuing and so on.

With the use of corporate cards being so widespread, the accountant is faced with a list of expenses to check without being responsible for travel orders or validations, etc. How can you be sure that travellers have actually made a booking in accordance with the internal rules? Which invoices are worth checking?

How the mission order number is useful

When you use Traveldoo Online or Assisted booking, each file is linked to a single mission order number. By making this field obligatory on bills, you can ensure that the number is transferred when the order is placed by Traveldoo. The order number can also be added by the travel agency for any bookings made offline.

Some Traveldoo customers have taken this concept a step further to categorise denominations to identify purely offline services and provide even greater visibility to recurrent orders such as Visa, Subscription, Emergency, etc.

Reconciling bills using the mission order

In the invoice module, Traveldoo offers the option to automatically reconcile bills and orders, significantly easing the workload for the accounts department. All you need is a mission order number and a matching price, and the bill is automatically approved by Traveldoo! This automation frees up the accounts departments time to focus on bills without a valid order number or with price variations, and reduces the list of bills pending validation.

And if a few variations are permitted?

Traveldoo offers an additional feature that can authorise controlled variations. You can configure a margin of error for each type of service. This function makes it possible to manage variations related to agency fees, as well as the minor modifications made by travellers during trips such as, for example, a variation of €6 resulting from changing a return train ticket at the station.

Help your Accounts department and call your Traveldoo Account manager to find out more about setting up the Invoice module.

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