Business Travel Edito: Milestone for Travel & Expense in 2017

2016 has just ended and we are already fully focused on 2017, feeling optimistic for the new year but slightly dizzy at the accelerating speed of change we see around us. This impression is driven by World news rich in significant events (Terrorism, Brexit, American election, global warming…) mixed with geopolitical instability (Migrants crisis, war in Syria, fight against ISIS, East-West diplomatic tensions…) all of which have impacted the business travel industry in some way.

But let us take a positive look at what is to come in 2017; more innovation, companies ready to invest and a dynamic market capable to create new economic growth models.

In 2016, Traveldoo undertook major organizational transformations to accelerate growth. We have reinforced our service offerings in anticipation of strong demand for project management, support, and change management projects. Our workforce will continue to expand at a rate of 30% per year across all departments with a particular focus on R&D, project management and support functions.

As announced during our customer event in November, the first meeting of our new “User Group” will take place around the end of March. It will reflect the results of our recent customer survey, and be an opportunity to highlight new products and present our product strategy with a priority on the globalization of our Travel & Expense offer as well as increased capability on Mobile platforms.

To start the year we are pleased to announce a technical and commercial partnership with Dimo ​​Software, the signing of a major distribution agreement with Afat Selectour agency network (including Bleu Voyages) and the continuation of our commercial relationships with our historic reseller partners such as Carlson Wagonlit, Tourcom, Frequent Flyer Travel Paris, Globeo, Uniglobe Travel, FCM, Gray Dawes, IAN Allan Travel, and American Express.

Undoubtedly, 2017 will mark an important milestone for Traveldoo both for product development and international expansion thanks to the growing success of our T & E offering.

Traveldoo teams wish you all the best for 2017 !

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