Keep optimising your travel expenses!

We are delighted that all of our clients experience a very high take-up rate and strict adherence to their travel policy.

Our research shows that it’s the Air and rail travel-related expenses which are posting some of the best figures. The rate is lower for accommodation expenses, largely due to, travellers continuing to opt for offline booking options. More often than not, overnight hotel bookings are made offline via local colleagues or contacts who have a good knowledge of the local hotel offerings and are able to offer personal advice on the quality and location of the accommodation Internet is still a popular channel and cause for expense leakage. This option is often used by nomadic population groups, typically commercial representatives for companies travelling around the country, sometimes driving a company car. This population group does not need to purchase air or rail tickets and is more inclined to search for last-minute hotel accommodation using B-to-C channels. Such expenses therefore fall outside the recommended online channel and may go against your travel policy, exceed your expenditure limits, deviate from the structured approval process or even lie beyond the scope of your security department.

In order to overcome this issue, Traveldoo has developed a new mobile application for its clients, that enables your business travellers to book their overnight accommodation while complying with the processes established by your procurement department. The new application will also automatically revert to the hotel content selected by your organisation available on the Web solution while applying your travel policy, a cost centre assignment and the activation of the approval process. The hotel reservations application has plenty to offer with a wide range of hotel providers connected with Traveldoo.

Thanks to this innovation, Traveldoo is continuing to make significant investments, to provide its clients with further improvements to their mobile user experience and to optimise travel expenses.

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