Editorial September 2016

Traveldoo occupies a prominent place within the business Travel & Expense market. In recent years, the “T” has become inseparable from the “E”, with solutions serving businesses and travellers alike. Traveldoo is at the heart of an ecosystem that involves a wide variety of suppliers and service providers. Our T & E solutions are aimed at helping all companies whose employees are busy crisscrossing the world or their region. We help by making travel, expense reimbursement and travel budget management a simpler and more cost efficient process.

A seemingly simple task, such as booking a ticket and making an expense claim, can involve a huge number of people at different levels within an organisation and triggers of complex process of decision, purchasing, HR policy, citizen behaviour (carbon footprint) and compliance with safety rules.

The very recent acquisition of KDS by AGBT strengthens the position and relevance of the T & E offer developed by Traveldoo. Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia, Inc., shared the following sentiment at GBTA 2016 this past July, “I do think there will be consolidation in the corporate travel space because some of these companies don’t have the scale to invest in technology… there’s going to be a lot of consolidation in this industry; financing is cheap and it’s driving acquisitions activity.”  As such, Amex GBT’s acquisition of KDS is no surprise, but rather is the confirmation of the strong appeal and dynamic nature of this market.

Each month, our ambition is to share with you our vision of an industry which is in constant change. Our goal is to bring relevant information with regard to our offer, gather feedback and offer insights on innovation. We believe that innovation is only worthwhile if it is shared and put into practice successfully by a greater number of users. Good reading.

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