Conferma Connect is radically changing the way hotel payments are settled

This is great news for Traveldoo corporate travellers who book hotel services with virtual cards. The new Conferma Connect solution uses ground-breaking PCI compliant protocol to enable virtual cards to be transmitted securely by email instead of fax for the first time.

Sending virtual card payment information via secure PCI compliant email

Prior to the launch of Conferma Connect, the most common way to send virtual card details was the old fashioned method of fax. Email was a non-compliant and insecure way to send sensitive payment card details. For the first time now, receiving a PCI compliant email can be an alternative option.

Hotels, opt in for secure email

To be part of the revolution all your hotel has to do is request to receive secure email via the Conferma Opt In Portal. It takes a couple of minutes to complete and could change the way you do business forever. There are no downloads or complex encryption protocols just a simple free opt in.

Business Travel Awards Finalist

Conferma Connect has been backed by a number of Conferma’s influential banking partners, including Barclaycard and American Express and was announced finalist at the 2017 Business Travel Awards in the Best Travel Technology Product category.

Adoption reaches 10% within a fortnight

The technology is quickly gaining interest with many hotels opting to receive virtual cards via secure email. Conferma has shared that only within the first fortnight of the Conferma Connect launch, over 10% of all virtual card communications were sent electronically.

Be part of the revolution. Opt In.

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