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The current tendency is to centralise more and more. To do this, companies need more complete solutions to manage their business travel. For many, centralised payments are the cornerstone of this process and the lodged account remains at the core of this solution.

Lodged Card (lodged account): Payment method dedicated to companies, the lodged account allows you to centralise business travel payments

This solution has a dual objective: to facilitate your business organisation and reduce the costs associated with business travel.

The fundamentals of the lodged card

This card is hosted at your suppliers, such as Traveldoo and allows you to make payments related to business travel (flights, trains, hotels, car rentals, or restaurants). It works on a payment network called UATP which is dedicated only to travel expenditures. The lodged account is therefore very secure because it cannot be used outside of this network. The rate of fraud is zero.

The centralisation of expenditures allows you to have a better control of your travel budget thanks to detailed reporting. By accessing key data, you can then negotiate better tariffs with your chosen travel suppliers.  An additional organisational advantage is that the AirPlus lodged account perfectly integrates in the accounting tools of your business. All your transactions are grouped together on one billing document.

The Next Steps

At AirPlus, the centralised payment also passes by the virtual card A.I.D.A. which is another functionality of the lodged account. Based on the MasterCard acceptance network, you can make all payments related to business travel without forgetting the centralisation of your expenses and data.

How a centralised payment system integrates in your Traveldoo solution?

Traveldoo offers a flexible management of payment policies, by rules and by service categories (air, rail, hotel and car rental). Multiple forms of payment are offered by service, including payment by lodged card.

Moreover, Traveldoo has integrated A.I.D.A virtual card number (VCN) solution to facilitate low-cost carriers and hotel bill-back process and the settlement and reconciliation of corporate payments.

Thus, when booking a hotel or a low-cost flight with a carrier that does not accept lodged cards as a payment method, Traveldoo queries A.I.D.A service to generate a virtual credit card number attached to the account of the company and specifies it in the reservation system. This number is embedded securely in the booking form for the purpose of guarantee or payment of the service. Automating this process eliminates the manual intervention of a travel agent.

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