Can Trust be Expens(iv)e?

I had an interesting discussion yesterday with the Financial controller from a major multinational, operating in over 100 countries. He had an admirable vision of expense management.

White collar workers would simply deposit their receipts with a process outsourcing company and their expense claims would be done for them. Nothing to do, nothing to think about, you just get your money back.

The classic last-Friday-of-the-month ritual of spending the afternoon sifting through a crumpled pile of receipts in order to compile a reimbursement request would be eliminated. The problem, as someone else in the group pointed out, is that getting all of your money back is something people hold dear.

So such a process would ironically duplicate the expense claim effort as employees would note down, probably in Excel, all the receipts values they were submitting, just to check, when they got re-imbursed, that it had been done correctly.

At Traveldoo our expense product team is constantly thinking about how to make the life of the expense claimant easier. Receipts that geo-locate based on your mobile phone, imports of your credit card system, etc.

Our goal for future versions is going to be trust. How to build it, maintain it and ultimately use it as the permission to make our users’ lives easier.

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