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TMCs relationship with technology and technology vendors has not been the easiest in the last years. In a marketplace which is moving from Service to Software-as-a-Service staying relevant and bringing companies and travellers the kind of digital experiences they expect is tough.

Recent evolutions in the vendor marketplace have also, arguably, made thing more difficult for TMCs in terms of having willing partners. Concur strongly backs their “Open Booking” philosophy, which at heart is a dis-intermediation of the parts of the supply chain which aren’t travel suppliers or Concur. This has understandably led to some bad blood with the TMCs who aren’t entirely enthused about the prospect of being labelled “obsolete”.

Other vendors have been acquired by large industry players. KDS by Amex GBT and IFAO by Amadeus. The motivation and focus these companies will have to go the extra mile for TMCs which are not “connected” to them is doubted by many.

In fact, it could be considered that the options for online booking technology which remain “ready and willing” in respect to Travel Management Companies are shrinking. Which, from a Traveldoo perspective, is fine by us. TMCs help us to access the vast number of smaller companies that we couldn’t reach by ourselves, so we are not really in competition. The technical requirements are more about slick integration and quality of service than any exotic user experience that we don’t already handle for the big corporations. It’s a great model for us to expand our reach. We love these guys.

One of the “values” of our parent organisation, the Expedia Group, is to be humble. I think this sentiment is important and will help stand Traveldoo in good stead for the next few years as the supplier who is the most willing to treat TMCs like the 1st class citizens that they are. With them we can help bring a great digital business travel experience to their vast number of clients and travellers.

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