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The procurement and use of software is changing, and the role of the IT department is changing along with it. Software as a Service (SaaS) has empowered business leaders to find, select and sometimes even deploy software without IT’s blessing and involvement.

However, IT is still responsible for security and compliance, and making sure systems work well together. So getting a CIO on board is still critical for any software that’s going to impact both people and processes.

But, you should aim to get your CIO involved for positive reasons too. They are experienced at driving adoption and tracking success. and can be an excellent co-pilot/navigator for what is to come.

CIOs can help you set realistic, achievable targets for adoption and manage expectations, to the business, about what will really be delivered. A great first step for this is to show your CIO the prospective system, both in terms of the technical architecture (probably in PowerPoint) but also via a live demo of the user experience.

CIO’s live and breath the concept of Total Cost of Ownership. Building the business case for project will be easier and carry a lot more weight with their involvement and consequent stamp of approval.

IT focuses on being able to deliver measurable results. They hate hearing people complain that money was spent but no value was visible. Thinking hard about the metrics you are going to use is time well spent to avoid this situation and the CIO is the best person to set you on the right track to get there. Speed to “first user traffic”, full adoption, ROI and user satisfaction are excellent candidates to consider.

Historically, system implementation approaches often fail to deliver the results outlined in the business case. The CIO and her IT team are the battle hardened warriors of many software implementations and are usually expert in the best ways in to assess SaaS providers. Bringing them in early and adding their views to the dialogue boosts the odds that you’ll choose the right vendor and your project will be a success story for the business (and for you).

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