The Traveldoo Experience by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation. In 2016, it achieved nearly EUR 25 billion in revenue. 144,000 employees fulfil client needs in more than 100 countries, helping them to manage energy and processes safely, reliably, effectively and sustainably. From the simplest switches to the most complex operating systems, Schneider technology, software and services enable users to optimise operations management and automation.

Since 2004, Schneider has partnered with Traveldoo for its business travel management solution, launching its Travel and Analytics modules in nine countries. Schneider completes 100,000 transactions per year, with a 90% adoption rate in mature countries.

“Our goal is to achieve productivity gains and cost savings through an online adoption rate of over 85%, attained by a proactive policy and by supporting users in accordance with their role (travellers, arrangers, decision-makers etc.),” said Stéphane Donders, Traveldoo CEO.

During this 13-year partnership, Schneider has seen the solution evolve, always with the goal of continuous improvement in productivity gains and budgetary savings. In practice, this leads to a focus on air travel and accommodation options as top priorities.

In air travel, productivity gains are achieved via optimal adoption rates (e.g. 86% in France), and via the many advanced customised settings within the solution:

  • Dynamic route calculation, with a reference fare, depending on the destination
  • Dynamic calculation of authorised travel class, depending on the journey duration (travel policy)
  • Advanced booking, depending on the destination (travel policy)
  • Two-level approval workflow, including travel policy compliance, destination and cost of reservation

The hotel bookings represent the most non-conversions and lower adoption rates. Several initiatives are in place to address these issues, such as the requirement to use the tool for hotel bookings, and booking follow-up with no reserved hotel. On-site events and communication initiatives have been organised jointly with Traveldoo to support users as they learn about the solution.

  • The solution has found that advanced customised settings, directly affect the optimisation of expenses, such as:
  • Display order by policy and by price, to promote the Schneider hotel programme
  • Exception code if the user does not make a hotel reservation even though the air travel reservation indicates a stay of one or more nights
  • Implementation of regularly updated fixed city routes

Accessibility of the Traveldoo solution involves a three-party partnership between Schneider, HBT and Traveldoo for advanced connectivity, enabling the display of all included hotels, both single and double rooms to guarantee availability in the hotel programme and shared tracking of user activity.

The collaboration between Schneider and Traveldoo reinforces our determination to go the extra mile, and to investigate innovations that will allow the solution to evolve along with client expectations and changes in the market. This subject will be covered in a new User Group coming very soon.

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