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Every day, business travellers arrange their own travel on an individual basis, although many may regularly travel to the same destination. Whether attending the same meetings, visiting customers or making regular trips between sites, co-workers can now plan trips together more easily using Traveldoo. Co-workers or their local contacts can arrange to travel at the same time, take the same flights or book seats next to each other. Trip sharing is the perfect solution to help business travellers co-ordinate their travel plans!

Trip sharing according to Traveldoo

Traveldoo has developed Trip sharing functionality in its online module.

The solution now offers pre-trip functionality, displaying information before selection for air travel, car bookings and, most recently train travel!

À la carte sharing

The Trip Sharing functionality is optional. Should you wish to offer this service to your colleagues, it can be activated by your Travel Manager.

There is no obligation to use the solution, the final decision is down to the traveller, who can choose to share all their trips, or just some of them, directly on the confirmation page. Shared trips can then be seen by everyone who makes similar requests.

Common interests

Beyond the user experience, trip sharing can really save money for the company. By enabling joint bookings, trip sharing saves time when arranging travel and cuts travel expenditure, particularly with shared taxi connections. Encouraging this good practice for vehicle reservations makes it possible to offer an in-house carpooling service.

Trip sharing is the latest feature to implement without delay  to boost your ROI and to offer your travellers a better quality of service. And the icing on the cake? It’s environmentally friendly too!

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