Using all the Tools in the Toolkit

Traveldoo has been building a Travel and Expense platform now for many years. Over the course of that time many features have been requested and many features have been added. One of the challenges is to keep clients, particularly new ones, apprised of all that is possible and available with the technology.

We thought we’d use a blog post to remind people about some hidden gems, in the product, which you might want to consider using.

Hover-Over Flight details

When you do a flight search, the system summarises, at the top of the page, all the cheapest options for each of the air or rail suppliers servicing the route. Each is a link and you can use the links to jump directly to see the details of the flight further down the list. But, just with a mouse hover over you can see most of the relevant details and so quickly compare between the best deals on offer with zero clicks and zero scrolling. Pretty cool.

Share your details with your family.

If you want to let your family know where you are going on business, don’t forget that you have a nice function, top left on the itinerary screen, to send your itinerary to any number of email addresses. You can even choose to hide the prices and any policy information.

Repeated Expenses

If you have incurred the same expense on multiple days, there are some nice ways to avoid re-keying in the information. You can duplicate any given line from your expense report, by using the icon just to left of the line in the claim view. Alternatively, when you are creating a line you can access, via the “repeated” link, a small calendar, on which to indicate which days you spent that same amount.

There are many more features and functions which are super useful to users. We will reprise this theme, from time to time, to bring some of them into the light.

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