When Offline becomes Online

After many years’ experience in Travel, using a Self-Booking Tool (SBT) is now THE standard practice in the market. Initially used to cut agency costs, the tools have quickly come to offer a comprehensive range of innovative solutions and streamlining opportunities, such as standardisation, integration of travel policies, management and reporting capabilities, risk and security management, …

After challenging the status quo of the industry, an SBT is becoming THE best practice: online and offline modules have boldly claimed their place among users who are in complete control of travel procurement. 

An intelligent “ON & OFF” solution

Freed from unnecessary issues by using a single booking channel, the user is in control of their requests. Traveldoo offers a centralised booking interface that brings together available services, travel entitlements, compliance rules and authorisations.

Whether it’s a simple return journey or a round-the-world trip in 80 hours with three destinations, five meetings and a multitude of transfers, Traveldoo is the solution!

You don’t have to be an expert: Traveldoo’s route planner intelligently guides the search engine to the right channel.  The offline module optimises the processing of simple requests, while Assisted Booking sends requests to travel agents when their added value is required.

The personal interface displays all orders at a glance, showing the status of itineraries and bookings. 

Looking for a “purely offline” solution!

In some cases, the travel agency has to handle requests directly. Travellers contact agencies for urgent requests, post-booking changes and cancellations or changes during trips etc.

That’s when problems pile up: Are the transactions carried out, outside of Traveldoo channels subject to the same security rules? Is it possible to apply the same level of control? Are itineraries that can be viewed online updated and do they show the correct conditions and statuses?

Traveldoo sorts things out: The PNR Import option (importing of offline itineraries) makes it possible to incorporate all travel agency itineraries in the solution at a later stage. Developed in collaboration with travel agencies, PNR import is a purely offline management tool so there are no more discrepancies:

  • Itineraries are put back on track (rules and validation).
  • The user can find all their itineraries via Traveldoo: itineraries booked online are updated if there are any post-booking changes and itineraries booked directly via the agency are retrievable.
  • Expense forms are reconciled (invoice reconciliation).

A project that offers a range of advantages and is quick to implement. Call my “Traveldoo Account Manager” now for more information.

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