Business travel and technology: a love-hate relationship?

Although business travellers call for innovative solutions that are both flexible and agile, they don’t, however, show a great interest in the software deployed by their own company. Why is this?

The technology revolution currently leading business travellers to change their habits is not entirely clear. According to a study conducted by FCM Travel Solutions on the question, “Do you use an online booking tool provided by your company to manage your business travel? “, only 30% of those questioned answered positively. The other respondents admit that they prefer other channels such as email, telephone or the internet.

There is still some ground to cover when it comes to managing expense reports. Among companies that have implemented this type of integrated digital tool, 34% support the approach and highlight the time-saving benefits. However, 25% still believe the system could be improved. The use of digital solutions is still relatively rare within SMEs. While larger organisations have become more democratic, the presence of existing tools and their usage is still raising questions. “The use of online booking solutions has slowly increased since this type of tech solution emerged in the 2000s. It has now reached 50 to 80%, depending on the situation,” states Traveldoo’s Sales Director (France), Thierry Prunier, travel booking management and digital expense reports specialist.

A feeling of mistrust still surrounds internal booking tools. When booking a trip, many travellers compare the results provided by the solution with those obtained from other online sources. It is estimated that 25% of users waste more than 15 minutes comparing the different options. The basis for this phenomenon stems from a lack of knowledge of the systems on offer (you can read our article again, “ Is it cheaper online?“).

Innovation and customer relations are key to successful adoption

The solutions provider, Traveldoo, can boast about being among those at the top of their game, with a very satisfactory adoption rate of 87%. So, what’s the secret to their success? “Our solution was developed for ease of use. It lets you make a booking in three clicks and guarantees the booking before line management approval. Innovation is a second important point, as it facilitates direct connections between transport providers, hotel operators and even car rental companies. Finally, the quality of our customer service, ensures a high level of satisfaction, amongst our users” explains Thierry Prunier.

These points are essential, especially as business travellers continue to call for online tools like these. An AFTM study on the evolution of business travellers’ expectations highlights that for generations Y and Z, faster expense claim processing is cited as the second most important criterion behind process simplification.

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