Business traveller checklist!

For employees who will be back on the road this autumn, Traveldoo shares some key elements of a traveller checklist with you.


  •   Travel insurance policy – provided by your company.
  • Your itinerary, travel tickets, bookings confirmations…
  • Your loyalty cards to enjoy some extra miles.
  • Your ID and/or passport. Ensure your passport is valid 6 months after your return!
  • A copy of your identity documents – stored elsewhere.
  • Check the last news and prerequisites of your destination on
  • Your driving license if you have booked a car rental.

? Our Tip: Download your expense app before leaving, so you will only have to take a photo of your receipts and throw them away!



  •   Your national insurance numbercard or social security card.
  • A first-aid kit (painkillers, plasters, vitamins…).
  • Face masks, essential for now in many destinations.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel or bars of soap.
  • Orthopaedic pillow, a sleeping mask and earplugs to enjoy some rest while traveling.

? Our tip: Ensure your profile is completely up to date in your online booking tool, as this information can be used by your travel manager in case of an emergency.



  • Appropriate and lightweight luggage. Think about taking cabin, rather than hold luggage if possible. This will speed up your time exiting the airport at your destination.
  • Roll your clothes carefully in your suitcase to maximise space. For shirts, these are best folded.
  • Use samples or small format containers for your liquid wash bag products.

? Our tip: Place heavier items at the back of your suitcase (nearest to the wheels)!



  • A privacy filter for your laptop or tablet screen to protect your work.
  • Connectors for electronic items, laptop battery, universal plugs…
  • Is your hotel wifi enabled, how secure is the network?
  • Your business cards.
  • Schedule an out of office notification to advise people about your business travel.

? Our tip: Check your business phone package for data call and SMS allowances to ensure you will not be charged for extra fees for roaming etc…


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