Groupe Rocher: An international family-run-group

Groupe Rocher is a French company with strong local Breton (Brittany) ties. For three generations, the Group has been driven by a distinct goal: to make beauty and well-being available to all women around the world.

From pioneer to major player in its markets, the Group has developed and implemented its sustainable growth model across its 10 brands – Yves Rocher, Arbonne, Petit Bateau, Dr Pierre Ricaud, Daniel Jouvance, Sabon, Stanhome, Kiotis, ID Parfums, and Flormar – while respecting their own positioning.

Groupe Rocher is 99%-owned by the founding family and has proved its worth both domestically in France and overseas. Present in over 110 countries with a turnover in excess of 2.5 billion euros, it now has over 50 million customers worldwide, manufacturing over 600 million products each year and distribution in over 4,000 outlets.

Mobile employees

Groupe Rocher has more than 18,000 employees, for whom mobility and travel are part of everyday life. In 2017, nearly 2,500 employees were required to carry out business travel, generating more than 4.8 million euros of expenses reports.

Faced with a growing number of travelling employees, Groupe Rocher needed to respond to the challenges from international development. Support from its employees in this process was crucial. This was achieved by selecting a comprehensive, reliable and customisable solution for simplifying expense report management.

A new solution for better T&E management

The financial management department of Groupe Rocher, in close cooperation with the procurement and IT departments, studied the market to develop a comprehensive scope of work. Their requirements included:

  • An ergonomic and intuitive SaaS solution that offers advanced functionality for the creation and automated management of expense reports
  • A solution to simplify the reimbursement process, by using automatic expenditure integration
  • A flexible solution that can be applied over a large geographic area to meet requirements in an international context.

Traveldoo’s “Expense” solution was ultimately selected. “We wanted an easy-to-use SaaS solution, natively integrating common business functions. “ states Alain Lefeuvre, Head of Digitalization of Financial Flows in the Groupe Rocher Finance department.

Key advantages of the platform: automated creation of expense reports, integration of expenditure by geolocation, numerous configuration options to help employees rationalise expenditures, and powerful tools to facilitate processing and reduce reimbursement delays

Employees won over

In only 3 months, Traveldoo Expense was operational for 3,500 users in 10 of the Group’s entities in both France and Belgium. Groupe Rocher then extended its use to Italy in 2017 and Spain in 2018 in a fully cross-functional approach to brands and channels (Retail, Digital, Direct selling, etc.).

Today, more than 4,500 employees regularly use the platform, having been successfully converted by its powerful digital capabilities. “Traveldoo Expense now has a solid user-base, who have discovered an intuitive, easy-to-use and ergonomic solution, with a muchappreciated geolocation function ” says Alain Lefeuvre.

20% overall savings on expense account management

The Traveldoo Expense solution has not only been adopted by its employee users, it has also made its mark at the Group level, providing an overall saving of 20% on the management of expenses. These are significant savings when you take into account the Group’s international presence and the resulting increase in the amount of travel
expenses: “Thanks to the mobile application, they can take advantage of ‘hidden time’, such as train or air travel, to manage expenses”. The solution represents an approach that optimises each employee’s time, enabling them to instantly confirm their expenses in a way that conforms with the Group’s paperless policy.

In keeping with its strategy of digitalisation, automation, and simplification, Groupe Rocher has embraced a more innovative approach to the management of workflows, for a much-improved documents process that benefits both employees and teams.

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