Customer Service: Find out more about our new platform

As schools restart and pupils head back to class, Traveldoo Customer Service unveils its new customer support platform. For 20 years, Traveldoo has prioritised customer satisfaction and the close [...]

Traveldoo new training offer

To ensure the success of your projects, our Traveldoo accredited training organization offers you a wide range of training sessions delivered from the moment you set up your solution, at any time [...]

Training and Empowerment: Traveldoo’s new ally

Training is essential within companies, to ensure productivity and to improve teamwork. The aim of training courses is to acquire the skills necessary for an employee's role, as well as saving [...]

Measure Customer Satisfaction

At the start of 2018, Traveldoo set a business objective to improve the way we rate "Customer Satisfaction", consistently and accurately across the organisation. To help fulfil this objective, we [...]

Implementing an annual audit of your travel expenditure

It is not an easy exercise! Here are some useful tips and guidelines to help you accurately collate and compare your data in a useable format.

24/7 ticketing : Service or Restriction?

Traveldoo offers a 24/7,7 days a week web-based booking interface that allows travellers to book their business trips at any time of the day, night, or at weekends. However, it is important to...

Is it cheaper online?

Comparing prices isn’t that easy, and being a travel expert is a job unto itself! So, let’s play the transparency game with the basic rules and principles that everyone agrees on.

Reconciling with a mission order !

When the time comes to pay bills, it is always difficult to check whether a trip was completed and what its fiscal costs are. The travel industry in particular operates by very specific [...]

Good bookkeeping leads to correct reimbursement!

Expenses incurred by travellers on company business are regulated by professional expenses policies, to determine the type of expenditures that are authorised and the rules for reimbursement. [...]

When Offline becomes Online

After many years' experience in Travel, using a Self-Booking Tool (SBT) is now THE standard practice in the market. Initially used to cut agency costs, the tools have quickly come to offer a [...]

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