Mobile First Business Trips and Expenses

The change of habits in mobile phone usage also affects our professional life. Discover Traveldoo "Mobile First" strategy!

Well-being is top of the Travel Managers’ concerns

What are the main challenges for Travel Managers in a constantly changing sector and complex political and economic climate?

Travel more to work better!

2018 was a great year for business travel and tourism in general. Business travel has grown strongly with "15 of the top 20 business travel markets in...

Trends for Business Travel in 2019

Never before have we travelled the world to this extent. Business travel is no exception to this rule, and it's just as well.

A look back at a jam-packed 2018!

We all get that strange feeling that time passes too quickly. It's already time to reflect on the past twelve months while looking ahead to 2019.

Cyber security: we’re all in this together!

Cyber security is not only a matter of legislation, and national security but also, a concern for users themselves. Highly exposed, they are the first to be affected by data theft.

Let’s look beyond GAFA!

Silicon Valley heavyweights allow us to dream. Obsessed with GAFA, (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), Europe is in danger of completely missing out on the emergence of the giants of tomorrow, who [...]

The holidays are over – hurrah for back to work!

It's a good time to embark on new activities, develop different routines for everyday life, adopt new habits, review work patterns or simply change your state of mind.

Strikes and the World Cup – Impact on business travel

In this respect, Traveldoo has become a credible barometer with more than 4,500 client companies and more than 3 million B2B reservations made on our platform. So what do the numbers say?

Digital nomads, business travellers without permanent office…

Digital nomadism is gaining ground, especially amongst a young generation in search of a better work – life balance. A generation that is happy to leave its material goods behind and does not [...]

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